THINK OF ALL THE ART! is an e-gift shop by Kiera Harmer (KLSH). 

The idea of ‘artefacts’ have been a prevalent concept throughout my career as an artist. As a creative project is being garnered, the artefact is a physical manifestation that appears along the way. I believe this applies more importance to the art rather than the product.


This offers a perspective in how fine art and conceptual art can be accessible in a commercial sense. Here, I utilise the gift shop as a platform, and flip the narrative to allow the art to lead itself.



Kiera Harmer is a multidisciplinary artist. 

Completing an art foundation in 2019, I took some years out before uni to centre my focus on how my creativity works, how I connect to it, and what it offers others. I submerged myself in creative thinking, processes, and rituals, whilst keeping the pathways organised to allow my artwork to connect with the outside.