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Kiera is a Cheltenham born fine artist and illustrator. With an aesthetic influenced by the German Expressionists, her art aims to be provocative, incorporating sensitive topics with humour and graphic imagery. 



"In general, I am keen for my art to be regarded as ‘cruel’, after having been inspired by Antonin Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, and Maggie Nelson’s book The Art of Cruelty. Firstly, my cruelty comes from within, then is exposed to play on provocative and controversial subjects, humour and satire, and the jarring association of childish curiosity with taboo topics, aiming for the spectator to be somewhat internally distressed in their personal interaction with my art. I do think that to some, art is regarded as a higher form of culture, which can be unattainable; I find it entertaining to use the superficial platform of art to create something difficult to interact with or look at, as it upsets the whole intention of art within the context of a gallery."

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