Kiera Harmer is an artist who exhibits social commentary through the lens of cruelty. Influenced by Maggie Nelson’s The Art of Cruelty and Artaud’s Theatre of Cruelty, her work is a blend of taboo topics, childlike curiosity, and satire. 


“I preserved an undying curiosity of all the things I believed I was not allowed to look at.” 


Avid for challenging content, Kiera spotlights subjects that for many remain in the dark or behind closed doors. Her process is akin to performance art. Using immersion techniques, she submerges herself in a provocative concept. Contextualised by extensive research, she then unleashes the artefacts into the public realm. This launches the spectator into a world were art and ethics fuse together. Kiera experiments in the different ways we can interact with art, as part of her artwork is the response. Through the mediums of painting, illustration, and sculpture, her work is a means of self and social critique.


Kiera Harmer (b. 1999 in Cheltenham, UK) lives and works in Cheltenham. She received her Art Foundation Distinction diploma from Stroud College in 2019. Kiera curated her first group show ‘Farewell’ at Lynfield House, Cheltenham. She has participated in group shows for Cheltenham Open Studios.

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